Irish joke

by Tonawanda

Mike is walking through a forest, lost, when he stumbles over a buried amphora left from Roman times.

Out pops a leprechaun!

And a shaggy dog!

The man and dog bark their express respective gratitudes for liberation.

The shaggy dog, being significantly more eloquent than the Leprechaun, says:

“Liberator!  How can we thank you?  My master and I have been shackled for longer than you can think.

“The amphora was enchanted by the makers to trap innocents such as me and my master.

“Without freedom, we were not free.

“How can we re-pay you?

“What we have is the power to grant three wishes, a power we can only give to others.”

Mike: “Three wishes?”


Mike: “Can I ask exactly what is the metaphysical relationship between you and the Leprechaun?”

Shaggy: “No.”

Mike: “Ok than I ask for a bottomless bottle of Guinness.”

Shaggy: “Here.”

Mike drinks fully, and lifting up the bottle, it is still full.

Mike:  Praise and praise.

Shaggy:  “And you still have two more wishes!”

Mike:  Having considered this against that, and the cost benefit analysis, the unintended consequences, and what would be most delightful – – “I will have two more of these!”