Month: June, 2014

Horseheads Carport

He went into the carport, angrily and slamming.

There is both a special clarity and a mundane ignorance to the eleven year old mind.

He was going and he was done.

I was here and what was going to happen to me?

His car looked special.

He was going to drive it away.

I said please take me with you.

And he said I will come back tomorrow to take you, which I believed.

I waited for tomorrow.

Totally ridiculous, absurdly melodramatic, utterly realistic for the 11 year old mind, tomorrow.


The face of Jim the Freak

In case anyone thinks is a joke, the answer is no.

It is earnest and sincere.

Jim’s face looked like the face on the shroud of Turin.

Nothing is intended beyond the fact.