Space Age Bachelor-Pad

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And here is a recommendation:

1.  Get an Esquivel album.

2.  Be carefree and open.

3.  Make a decision to have fun, preferably by sitting on the back deck in the beautiful.

4.  Chant: “shalom, shalom, shalom” as many times as you need to achieve.

5.  Meditate: nothing is more important than the green of the grass and the leaves on the trees.

6.  Be humble.

7.  Locate the place you understand is not your brain or body.

8.  Be not a part.

9.  Shalom, shalom, shalom.

10.  Listen to Esquivel!


Incomparable Lileks

Shiny Nose Acceptance NOW

More Lileks drollery:

Nine things

In regard to the use of his eyes, he is anxious to see clearly.

In regard to the use of his ears, he is anxious to hear distinctly.

In regard to his countenance, he is anxious that it should be benign.

In regard to his demeanor, he is anxious that it should be respectful.

In regard to his speech, he is anxious that it should be sincere.

In regard to his doing of business, he is anxious that it should be reverently careful.

In regard to what he doubts about, he is anxious to question others.

When he is angry, he thinks of the difficulties (his anger may involve him in).

When he sees gain to be got, he thinks of righteousness.

George, Frank, Joe, Matt and Al …

… aboard the USS Juneau, November 13, 1942, when a Japanese torpedo struck near the ammunition hold.


“The brothers’ parents were notified of their deaths on January 12, 1943. That morning, the boys’ father, Thomas, was preparing to go to work when three men in uniform – a lieutenant commander, a doctor and a chief petty officer – approached his front door.

‘I have some news for you about your boys,’ the naval officer said.

‘Which one?’ asked Thomas.

‘I’m sorry,’ the officer replied. ‘All five.‘”

The Sullivans.



Tomatotarian of the Year

Viewable from the kitchen window, the tray of baby tomato plants lay next to the garage, as it had for three days.

Deck work, yard work, erecting a canopy, took precedence.

What is like arduously putting a half dozen screws and bolts in wrong and having to re-do them? Sisyphus be damned.

Note to next year’s self: here’s how you put them in right.  Hope the note does not get lost.

With the sun declining, it was pointed out that the tomatoes looked forlorn and hungry.  Oh, please.

But they were put to bed, are resting comfortably, acclimating for the summer run.

The morning exuberance of one less chore outshone the late afternoon annoyance of one more chore.

The Deeds Of The Divine Augustus

1. In my nineteenth year, on my own initiative and at my own expense, I raised an army with which I set free the state, which was oppressed by the domination of a faction. For that reason, the senate enrolled me in its order by laudatory resolutions, when Gaius Pansa and Aulus Hirtius were consuls (43 B.C.E.), assigning me the place of a consul in the giving of opinions, and gave me the imperium. With me as propraetor, it ordered me, together with the consuls, to take care lest any detriment befall the state. But the people made me consul in the same year, when the consuls each perished in battle, and they made me a triumvir for the settling of the state.


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